Welcome to the FIU Policies and Procedures Library website, the official repository for university-wide policies and procedures. The University-wide Policy Library and development process is managed by the University Office of Compliance & Integrity. Individual policies are owned by the Responsible Offices charged with developing, updating, administering, communicating, training, monitoring and ensuring compliance with the policy. Please keep in mind that unit-level guidance that may apply to your activities would be maintained by individual units and not found on the University policy website.
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Faculty and the Policy Library

In-Unit Faculty:
In-unit faculty are subject to the policies and procedures outlined in the FIU-BOT and UFF-FIU Collective Bargaining Agreement (FIU-BOT/UFF CBA). In-unit faculty are also subject to FIU regulations and University-wide policies and procedures contained within this policy library unless otherwise contained in the CBA.

Questions about the collective bargaining agreement policies should be directed towards the office with administrative oversight: Office of the Provost |Planning and Finance, 11200 S.W. 8th Street, PC 529, Phone: 305-348-2168

Out-of-unit faculty (i.e., those with the College of Law and the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine) are subject to FIU regulations and the University-wide policies and procedures contained within this policy library (unless otherwise noted on a specific policy).

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