1660.090 HIPAA Privacy: HIPAA Component Privacy Review and Audit Policy and Procedure


To establish procedures necessary to comply with the HIPAA mandate that all covered entities establish policies and procedures to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of protected health information (PHI). FIU’s comprehensive assessment and audit program was designed as an ongoing internal HIPAA compliance monitoring program to ensure that the privacy policies and procedures are being followed correctly, that appropriate safeguards are in place, and that the privacy of PHI is being maintained in accordance with the mandated standards of HIPAA, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), the Omnibus Rules and any amendments thereto, and to ensure the Workforce members within FIU’s Components are adhering to FIU’s HIPAA Privacy Rule policies and procedures.

Published on 2020-09-17

Administrative Oversight & Contact Information

Office of University Compliance & Integrity

Steven Patterson

Dir Compliance & Privacy Health Affairs

11200 SW 8th Street
AHC4 216
  • Phone: 305-348-2216

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