1660.015 HIPAA Privacy: Business Associate Agreements Policy and Procedure


FIU seeks to ensure that Business Associates adhere to the protections imposed by the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, state laws and regulations, and that there is no degradation of privacy and security safeguards when PHI is shared with Business Associates.

To ensure that FIU Workforce members comply and understand the critical significance of complying with FIU’s HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules Policies and Procedures and applicable state laws and regulations and to explain the administrative actions that Components must take in order allow a Business Associate to create, use, disclose, or access PHI/ePHI and establishes guidelines for Components and the Purchasing Department to comply with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules requirements relating to Business Associate relationships, including entering into Business Associate Agreements (and amendments).

• 45 CFR §164.504 (Use and Disclosures: Organizational Requirements)

Published on 2020-09-17

Administrative Oversight & Contact Information

Office of University Compliance & Integrity

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Miami, FL 33199
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