2370.010 Export Control Policy and Procedure


Florida International University shall comply with all U.S. federal Export Control and Trade Sanction regulations. These laws govern:

  • what research instruments, materials (including biologics), software and technology that we, as a U.S. institution, can export (i.e. transfer) out of the country by any means:
  • what sensitive items and technology may be shared with and used by foreign national individuals both internationally and within the U.S. when foreign nationals are visa holders; this includes foreign nationals who are studying at FIU, collaborating on FIU research or working at or visiting our facilities
  • what research, academic, and business entities we engage with, so as to avoid U.S. government-restricted or prohibited individuals or entities (parties of concern from a national security, export control or embargoed-country perspective). In addition, FIU shall comply with all U.S. Treasury-mandated trade sanctions applicable to certain countries and listed parties.

FIU shall make informed resources available to all personnel in furtherance of these compliance objectives. In the event of a suspected or actual export compliance violation, FIU shall take all required steps to investigate and remediate the matter accordingly.

Published on 2020-06-03

Administrative Oversight & Contact Information

Office of University Compliance & Integrity

11200 S.W. 8th St., PC 429
Miami, FL 33199
  • Phone: 305--348-2216

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