380.102 Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes


Academic programs, standalone certificate programs, and micro-credentials (e.g., badges, mini-masters) must create appropriate Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), as well as design applicable assessment methods to measure these outcomes. These programs are required to collect, analyze data trends, and report the results of these outcomes each year. In accordance with the assessment cycle established by the Institutional Effectiveness team, programs are required to describe improvement strategies at the end of the cycle. A follow-up report documenting the implementation of improvement strategies is required one year after the improvement strategies are recorded. The effect of the improvement strategies on student learning need to be taken into consideration when planning future assessment and improvement strategies.

University Core Curriculum (UCC) courses must also complete the above-mentioned assessment requirements. They must follow the assessment cycle established by the Institutional Effectiveness team for core courses.

Additionally, each delivery model (e.g., online, primarily online, hybrid, off-campus, off-shore, dual enrollment, Programming on Demand (POD)) requires separate SLO reports. The outcomes and methods are expected to be the same, or equivalent, across all delivery models of the program. However, data and analysis of the results, the improvement strategies driven by these data, and the follow-up reports and documentation of the implementation of improvement strategies must relate specifically to the students taught under each delivery model.

Published on 2019-04-02

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