1660.140 HIPAA Privacy: De-identification and Re-identification of Protected Health Information Policy and Procedure


To establish a policy and procedure necessary for the creation, use and disclosure of de-identified information, reidentification, Limited Data Sets and Date Use Agreements, Business Associate Agreements and the requirement for written patient permission as described in the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules, Florida Statute, and FIU Associated Policies and Procedures.

45 C.F.R §164.502 Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information: General Rules) 45 C.F.R §164.512 (Uses and Disclosures for Which an Opportunity to Agree or Object is NOT Required) 45 C.F.R §164.514 (Other Requirements Relating to Uses and Disclosures of PHI: Deidentification) Florida Statute §456.057 (Ownership and Control of Patient Records; Report or Copies of Records to be Furnished; Disclosure of Information)

Published on 2017-12-13

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