320.095 Authorization and Modification of Courses


Any new academic courses offered under the auspices of the University must have the prior approval of (a) Department Chair and Dean, (b) the curriculum committees and the faculty bodies of the appropriate Colleges and/or Schools of the University, (c) the University Curriculum Committee, (d) the Faculty Senate, and (e) the Provost or designee.

Any modification of an approved course - course prefix, course number, credit, prerequisite, title, catalog description, cross listing, or complete deletion must have the prior approval of the committees and office as noted above.

Published on 2016-01-05

Administrative Oversight & Contact Information

Office of the Provost

Barbara Manzano

Assistant Vice Provost

11200 S.W. Eighth Street PC 529 Miami FL 33199
  • Phone: 3053482168
  • Facsimile: 3053482566

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