140.130 Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse, Abandonment and Neglect


The provisions of this policy implement the mandatory reporting obligations in Florida law regarding child abuse, abandonment and neglect and apply to all Florida International University (FIU) faculty, staff, students and volunteers.

In the State of Florida, any person who knows, or has reasonable cause to suspect, that a child is abused (which includes sexual abuse), abandoned or neglected, must immediately report this information to the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) in order that no harm comes to the child.

Additionally, each FIU Administrator (as defined in this policy) or FIU Police Department personnel who receives information from a FIU faculty, staff or other employee of known or suspected child abuse, abandonment, or neglect committed on the property of the university or during an event or function sponsored by the university is required to report such information immediately to DCF.

If the child is in imminent danger or risk of harm and requires immediate protection, contact the FIU Police Department or 911 prior to contacting DCF.

Florida Abuse Hotline’s fax reporting form

Florida Department of Children and Families Web reporting option - Abuse Reporting Portal

Training: State University System - Board of Governors, Protection of Vulnerable Persons Video Presentation

Training: Child Abuse Tutorial – The Role of the Mandated Reporter

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Medical Authorization Form

Camp Medical Contact Form

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Published on 2013-06-17

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