1510.005 Trademark Policy


Any person, group or entity wishing to use a trademark of Florida International University (FIU) shall first obtain approval for the proposed use and sign a written license agreement except as provided below if the use is for commercial gain.

The FIU External Relations is responsible for licensing the FIU trademarks. License Agreements provide for payment of royalties on all products sold with a FIU trademark. FIU employees and FIU approved student organizations may use the FIU trademarks internally and do not need to obtain a license agreement provided the use is not for commercial gain.

The trademarks must be used in accordance with the established trademark procedures and style manual. The External Relations designated University Administrator shall approve the use by internal groups. FIU does not permit the use of its trademarks in any way that implies FIU’s endorsement of any product or service without prior written permission by External Relations.

Published on 2010-03-25

Administrative Oversight & Contact Information

Kenneth Jessell

Chief Financial Officer

11200 S.W. Eighth Street, PC 523, Miami FL 33199
  • Phone: 3053482101
  • Facsimile: 3053483678

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