2390.001 Inventions and Patents


Central to the mission of Florida International University is the promotion of teaching and research that enhances public service, leads to the discovery of new knowledge and fosters creativity and innovation. Inventions and marketable forms of intellectual property may result from research conducted by personnel and students at the University. It is generally in the best interest of the University and the public to ensure that such intellectual property be appropriately developed. This policy sets forth the circumstances and procedures under which Inventions are to be disclosed to the University, and the procedures that the University will employ to review and process such inventions. This policy is promulgated pursuant to Florida Statute Sections 1004.22 and 1004.23, the Bayh-Dole Amendments Public Law 96-517 entitled “The Patent and Trademark Amendments Act of 1980,” and the Act’s rule revisions having document citation of 83 FR 15954.

Confidential Intellectual Property Disclosure Form

Published on 2015-01-21

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