2320.100 Temporary Release of Sponsored Project Funds or Temporary Extension Policy and Procedure


For projects funded under expanded authorities, temporary release of funds will be approved for the 90 day period immediately preceding the award’s effective start (or continuation) date. For projects not funded under expanded authorities, a temporary release of sponsored project funds where the award documentation is not fully executed (or where a continuation from the sponsor for an existing project has not been received) shall be allowed only where there is a high degree of certainty that a sponsored project award will be executed (or that the project continuation will be received) and only those funds necessary for the commencement (or continuation) of the project so that project deadlines may be met will be released. If, for any reason, an award (or continuation) is not later executed for the project, the PI’s department, center or college must reimburse the University for all expended funds.

ORED Policy - Negotiation and Execution of Sponsored Project Awards

Pre-Award Release of Funds Form

Published on 2010-11-22

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