2350.040 Items Requiring Prior Sponsor Approval


FIU must obtain the sponsor’s prior approval for any of the following:

(1) Change in the scope or the objective of the project or program (even if there is no associated budget revision requiring prior written approval).

(2) Change in a key person specified in the application or award document.

(3) The disengagement from the project for more than 3-months, or a 25 percent reduction in time devoted to the project, by the approved project director or principal investigator.

(4) The need for additional Federal funding.

(5) The inclusion, unless waived by the Federal awarding agency, of costs that require prior approval in accordance with Subpart E-Cost Principles of this part or 48 CFR part 31, “Contract Cost Principles and Procedures,” as applicable.–The transfer of funds budgeted for participant support costs as defined in Uniform Guidance 200.75, Participant support costs, to any other categories of expense.

(6) Unless described in the proposal and funded in the approved award, the sub-award, transfer or contracting out of any work under an award, including fixed amount sub-awards as described in Uniform Guidance 200.332, fixed amount sub-awards. This provision does not apply to the purchase of supplies, material, equipment or general support services.

(7) Any other item contained in the sponsor award document for the project that requires prior sponsor approval.

(8) Changes in the approved cost-sharing or matching provided by the non-federal entity.

Published on 2012-12-04

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