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3-11-14: Research Misconduct
Alleged or apparent instances of research misconduct must be investigated by the University. The ass... more
3-7-14: Veterans' Preference (AFSCME)
The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) AFL-CIO Collective Barga... more
3-6-14: Conflict of Interest in Research
Florida International University promotes objectivity in research by establishing and maintaining st... more
3-3-14: Mandatory Leave (AFSCME)
This policy sets forth the mandatory leave requirements for employees in the Office of the Controlle... more
3-3-14: Classification Review (AFSCME)
This policy sets forth a means for management to address changes in a position classification.... more
3-3-14: Compulsory Leave (AFSCME)
This policy sets forth the requirements for granting compulsory leave to employees.... more
3-3-14: Neutral, Internal Resolution of Policy Disputes (AFSCME)
This policy establishes and sets forth the process for resolving disputes concerting BOT-AFSCME poli... more
3-3-14: Overtime Pay and Compensatory Time (AFSCME)
Non-exempt employees are entitled to overtime pay at one and one-half times their hourly rate for al... more
3-3-14: Pre-Employment Requirements (AFSCME)
The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) AFL-CIO Collective Bargain... more
3-3-14: Bonus Policy (AFSCME)
The University shall consider providing incentive bonuses to non-bargaining unit faculty and employe... more
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