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2-20-15: Contract Review Policy
This policy sets forth the university contracts that must reviewed by the Office of the General Coun... more
2-11-15: Ethics in Purchasing and Gift Policy
Florida International University employees are governed by the provisions of the Code of Ethics for ... more
2-4-15: Fraud Prevention and Mitigation Policy
Florida International University, under the governance of its Board of Trustees, is committed to the... more
1-21-15: Inventions and Patents
This policy applies to all faculty and staff at Florida International University. This policy also a... more
12-22-14: Program Review Policy
This policy sets forth the requirements for the review of degree programs at Florida International U... more
12-10-14: Travel: University Travel Expense Policy
The university reimburses employees and others who undertake previously authorized travel on behalf ... more
12-2-14: Use of Facililties and Administrative Costs
F&A received by the University shall be used for the operation of the Office of Research as requ... more
12-2-14: Effort Reporting and Certification
Each semester, an effort report will be sent via email to each FIU employee listing the compensation... more
10-22-14: Donative Naming
This policy governs the naming of University campuses, buildings, other physical spaces or structure... more
10-8-14: Inventions and Works (UFF)
A work made in the course of independent efforts is the property of the employee.  If the work ... more
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8. Sick Leave Pool
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7. Moving and Relocation Procedure
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9. Qualification for Interpreter, Reader, Note Taker, and Other Assistance
10. Career Services: On Campus Interviews (Golden Panther and Alumni Services)
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