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8-25-14: New Degree Program Planning and Approval
In order to promote and maintain high quality academic programs, the University may over time develo... more
8-25-14: Records Retention Schedule for Sponsored Project Documents
All documents relating to sponsored projects must be maintained for the length of time required by a... more
8-1-14: Security in Laboratories With Special Hazards
All Users of Special Hazards Materials shall follow University processes in order to become an &ldqu... more
8-1-14: Environmental Management Policy
Florida International University shall protect the environment by a demonstrated commitment to envir... more
8-1-14: Missing Residential Student
Florida International University views the safety of the students residing in residential housing as... more
8-1-14: Emergency Management and Continuity of Operations
In order to effectively meet and manage such occurrences, Florida International University shall dev... more
7-24-14: Conditional Admission of Masterís Applicants
The purpose of this policy is to establish the requirements for the conditional admission of graduat... more
7-10-14: Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
The intent of this policy is to provide oversight for the maintenance and use of AEDs on the FIU cam... more
6-25-14: Conflict of Interest in Research
Florida International University promotes objectivity in research by establishing and maintaining st... more
6-12-14: International Student and Scholar Services Scope of Services
The Office of International Student and Scholar Services advises international students and scholars... more
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8. Change or Correction of Grade
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10. Conflict of Interest in Research
Top Ten Most Viewed Procedures
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7. Recruitment and Selection Procedure
8. Disposal of Surplus, Damaged and Unserviceable University Property
9. IT Security Procedure: Sharing Access To IT Resources; Password Management
10. Maintenance and Operation of University Buildings and Facilities
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