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6-30-15: Graduate Assistantships
This policy sets forth the eligibility, credentialing and other terms and conditions for graduate as... more
6-26-15: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Compliance
  Florida International University (the "University") is committed to protecting the... more
6-26-15: Sanctions for Unauthorized Uses or Disclosures of Protected Health Information
Florida International University will take appropriate disciplinary action against any member of its... more
6-26-15: Disclosing Protected Health Information to Business Associates
  A Florida International University health care component may disclose Protected Health I... more
6-22-15: Substantive Change Reporting
new policy... more
6-22-15: Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy
No users of the University’s IT Resources shall download, upload, or distribute in any fashion... more
5-13-15: Subaward Fiscal Monitoring
Post-Award will perform the fiscal monitoring of subrecipients in compliance with federal regulation... more
4-29-15: Recharge Service Facilities
The Office of Research and Economic Development ("ORED") Recharge Facilities Operating Pro... more
4-24-15: Commitment Form From Third Parties Required for Sponsored Project Proposals
If a proposal includes work by a subcontractor or consultant, the proposal package to Pre-Award must... more
4-24-15: Conflict of Interest in Research
Florida International University promotes objectivity in research by establishing and maintaining st... more
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7. Full-Time Course Load for Graduate International Students in Master's Thesis or Dissertation Segment
8. School Transfer of International Students out of FIU
9. Custodial Services to University Buildings and Facilities
10. Release of Requested Information to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Immigration Agencies
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