1725.280 Sick Leave Pool (AFSCME)


Participation in the Sick Leave Pool (SLP) shall be voluntary on the part of eligible employees.

Eligibility in the (SLP) is extended to employees after completion of six months of employment with the University, provided that a minimum of forty (40) hours of sick and/or vacation leave has been accrued by full-time employees, at rate directly proportionate to the full equivalency *FTE); or join during the annual open enrollment period provided the employee meets the same criteria.

Published on 2013-09-18

Administrative Oversight & Contact Information

Joann Cuesta-Gomez

Director, Employee and Labor Relations

11200 S.W. Eighth Street PC 236 Miami FL 33199
  • Phone: 3053484186
  • Facsimile: 3053480132

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