1725.180 Military Leave (AFSCME)


An employee, except an employee in a temporary position, who performs voluntary or involuntary duty in the uniformed services shall be eligible for military leave and re-employment rights consistent with federal and state laws.

Employees are entitled to leaves of absence from their respective duties, without loss of vacation leave, pay, time, or efficiency rating, on all days during which they are engaged in training ordered under the provisions of the United States Military.

Military Leave of Absence granted under this policy and the applicable Florida law shall not exceed 17 working days in any one annual period for active or inactive training.

An employee shall receive their full pay in addition to their military pay for the first thirty (30) days of active duty. After the initial thirty (30) days, the law allows those on active duty to receive the necessary pay to fill any gap between their military basic pay and civilian pay and continue their existing benefits. Leave payment of this type shall be made only upon military authority that thirty (30) days of military service have been completed.

Published on 2013-09-18

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